Ferromagnetic Oxide Powder

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Specifications:Ferromagnetic Oxide Powder
Material:Ferromagnetic Oxide Powder
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According to the different needs of customers in different fields, Anhui new materials Co., Ltd. has introduced a variety of uses of ferrite magnetic materials.

Rubber magnetic powder

Barium / strontium ferrite magnetic powder used in the production of rubber disk, refrigerator door seal friction damping washer, including instrument panel insulation interior and nacelle nacelle, tunnel insulation, acoustic absorption, heat shield, engine cover, shock absorber, spring mass system and the cab passenger)

Two, wet press anisotropic ferrite powder

Wet pressure anisotropy ferrite powder can be used in the manufacture of high energy product sintered magnet, its products are widely used in speaker magnetic ring, magnetic separation equipment, household appliances and all kinds of motor magnetic tile and rotor etc..

Three, dry pressing with sintered ferrite powder

Dry press powder for micro motors, advertising, stationery, etc.. High performance dry press anisotropic magnetic powder for motor magnetic tile manufacturing requires high performance, radial orientation, orientation of circular and cylindrical multipole magnets and small or thin and relatively complex magnet shape products.

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