Colored Asphalt

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Specifications:Not fixed
Material:Modifier material
Brand:JKM® WPC
Color:Free color


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JKM WPC Industrial Corporation is an imitation of the production of petroleum asphalt composition, modifier and blending modification by various petroleum chemical products and polymer materials, with stable performance, bright color, with good performance characteristics.

According to the different color road asphalt performance is divided into matrix, modification, special three categories, to adapt to the different needs of various color pavement market, in line with "city road asphalt concrete pavement of color technology for its technology". Mainly applicable to the green bicycle lanes and pedestrian road, landscape road and other types of chronic system and the landscape of road pavement, special grades of products can also be used in heavy traffic lane, bus lanes, intersections, road traffic and other highway service area.

Product advantage

Good performance of pavement skid apron apron, anti slip, improve traffic safety

Fast construction period: the construction is fast and the efficiency is high.

The noise reduction effect is good: the fine aggregate structure has the effect of conducting audio.

Visual senses are good: color road surface can improve the road color brightness.